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Summer is in full swing and we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any exciting news or events that SIX may have to offer so we’re going to tell you how to stay connected with SIX!  We love to keep in contact and hear from YOU, our biggest fans, so we would like to invite you to visit our Facebook page!  Be sure to “Like” us to receive daily SIX updates and announcements and don’t forget to comment about your thoughts or experience at our show!  For you Tweeters out there, you can follow us and # us on Twitter by clicking here.  Oh hey, while you’re here… sign up for our e-newsletter to receive exciting news, special offers and discounts via email!

So whether you’re a Facebooker, a Tweeter, an emailer, or all three we have something for you!! We look forward to seeing you in cyberspace! Stay cool out there!

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