Being a vegetarian is a huge “missed-steak”

It’s a nice treat to go out for dinner, but if you are going out for a “steak dinner” that takes things to a whole new level. There can be a lot of pressure to pick the right steakhouse, and with all of the great restaurant choices in Branson, we thought we would share some of our favorites, and hopefully help you narrow it down! 

Barry: Texas Land and Cattle

·      If you are still hungry after diving into the fresh sourdough bread loafs they bring out at the beginning of your meal, TXLC has some of the best steaks in the area! I mean, you can’t beat a delicious steak while enjoying Branson Landing’s fire and water display on their outdoor patio! From good food, to good portions, to a great environment, this place has it all!

Kevin: Outback Roadhouse Steak and Oyster Bar

·      No, I didn’t just misspell Outback Steakhouse! Outback Roadhouse is an original restaurant right here on the strip in Branson that has my favorite steak in the area, and some of the best authentic Australian cuisine around! Try it once and you’ll be asking them to “throw another steak on the barbie”.

Lynn: Black Oak Grill

·      So Black Oak Grill is a newer restaurant to the Branson scene, but it’s in a great location right on the Branson Landing, and the atmosphere is upscale, but not too formal. All of their dishes are really good, especially the steak, which goes really nicely with their house Caesar Salad!

Jak: Level 2

·      Level 2 is one of the most elegant places to eat in Branson. They are located inside the Hilton Branson Convention Center right downtown, and feature several award winning dishes including a phenomenal steak! If you have promised to take your woman out for a “nice steak dinner”, it better be at Level 2!

Owen: Montana Mike’s

·      If Montana is called “Big Sky Country”, then Montana Mikes must be “Big Steak Country”. They really know how to cook them right! I recommend the Applewood Bacon Sirloin or the T-Bone with ancho pepper seasoning, but really any of their steaks are good!

Curtis: Lonestar Steakhouse

·      If you are going to go out for a steak, you might as well go to a place that has “Steakhouse” in the name. Lonestar Steakhouse has whatever kind of steak you are in the mood for, and they are all good! Whether you prefer a New York Strip or a Texas Ribeye, you can find them all at Lonestar!