Show Must Go On

We are blessed to be able to perform in a town where there are many wonderful and talented entertainers. Of course, since we perform at night, we don’t get to see as many other shows as we would like, but some of the shows we have seen have been incredible. These guys are true professionals. Here are some of our favorite shows in town… that don’t include us performing in them ;) 

Barry: The Presley’s Country Jubilee

·      The Presley’s have been a staple of Branson entertainment for many years. Being Branson’s original show on the Strip, I have a lot of respect for those guys, and what they have done for our community. If you enjoy Gospel harmonies and good ol’ country music, then you have to stop by and see the Presleys.

Kevin: Journey Tribute

·      If you who grew up rocking out to Journey, then this is your show! You “Won’t Stop Believin’”, that you are at an actual Journey concert. If 80s is your thing, then journey on down to see their show!

Lynn: The Magic of Rick Thomas

·      If the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”, then shame on me because I am always impressed with what Rick Thomas is able to do! He is a true professional, and there is no other way to describe what he does other than “magical”.

Jak: The Haygoods

·      The Haygoods are always full of energy and really know how to rock a stage. They definitely bring an excitement to Branson that you can really feel in from the stage! Speaking of things that you can feel from the stage… try the heat from their pyrotechnics display! This is a great show if you are looking for a good time.

Owen: Jonah- Sight and Sound

·      The team over at Sight and Sound always does an incredible job of bringing the Bible to life with their dramatic portrayals of Biblical stories. Jonah has been fantastic for the past 2 years, and I am really looking forward to Moses next year. The live animals and great effects make this a really fun show for everyone!

Curtis: Clay Cooper’s Country Express

·      Clay is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and I really enjoy his show.  He has a very talented family, with both his wife and his 2 sons performing with him. I also really enjoy the comedy from comedian, Matt Gumm. If you enjoy country music, you’ll love this show!

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