They Put the "Feast" in Fiesta

We’re not sure exactly why, but sometimes you just can’t help but crave Mexican Food. Whether it’s the chips and salsa, the smell of fajitas, or some irresistible queso or guacamole, if you are craving Mexican food in Branson, here are some of our favorite places to go!

Barry: Cantina Laredo

·      Cantina Laredo has it all… great food, great service, and a great atmosphere right by the fire and water and show at the Branson Landing. When it is nice outside, I love sitting out on their patio and enjoying a meal! Their Queso Laredo may be the best queso ever invented, and you also can’t go wrong with the Guacamole that they make fresh at your table.

Kevin: La Iguana

·      If I’m looking for a quick, delicious lunch, I love grabbing a few tacos at La Iguana on the 76 Strip. The Alex Special is 3 tacos and a drink for a great price which works perfect for a quick in and out lunch stop!

Lynn: Arandas Tacos

·      If you are a lover of salsa, then Aranos is a great place to go. They have a salsa bar which lets you try several different kinds before choosing which one you want on your tacos. Or, if you are like me, pick several favorites and eat a different kind of salsa with each taco.

Jak: Tequilas 2

·      If you are wanting a great all-around Mexican Food restaurant, you can’t go wrong with Tequilas 2. I don’t know where the “2” comes from except for the fact that I want to eat there 2 times a day! Get the "Special de la Casa" and thank me later!

Owen: Little Hacienda

·      Little Hacienda, or “La Ha” as a lot of people in town call it, is a great place to eat good Mexican Food in Branson. The original location is in Branson by the IMAX, but they also have a second location in downtown Hollister. Both serve excellent quesadillas.

Curtis: Casa Fuentes

·      Some people say that you can judge a Mexican restaurant by the quality of their salsa, and I think Casa Fuentes has the best salsa in Branson.  The inside is pretty small, but that makes for a nice, quaint dining experience. It’s also right in the middle of town, so it isn’t far from most anywhere in town.