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Of course, Branson has phenomenal shows, but there are plenty of other fun things to do on your trip to the Ozarks. Here are our choices for the Top SIX attractions in Branson. Warning: Get ready to have a blast!

Barry: Dogwood Canyon

·      If you haven’t been out to Dogwood Canyon, then you absolutely have to go. It is so beautiful, especially in the fall, and whether you are walking, or riding your bike, it is perfect for getting a little exercise! Pack yourself a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors.

Kevin: Adventure Ziplines of Branson

·      If you are feeling a little adventurous, then Adventure Ziplines of Branson is the place for you! I love soaring through the air above Branson at nearly 50mph! They have 7 different ziplines, awesome ATV rides, and you can even hang upside down at the end if you want. You just can’t beat it!

Lynn: Silver Dollar City

·      One of my favorite places in town is Silver Dollar City. From the food, to the rides, to the entertainment, it is just a fun experience from start to finish, and no one can beat their beautiful light display at Christmas time. Make sure you take your family there when you come to Branson.

Jak: Table Rock Lake

·      I love being out on the water, so Table Rock Lake takes the prize for me! It is always so peaceful out there, and the lake is beautiful. If you can take a boat or a jet ski or a kayak out for a few hours, it will be well worth it!

Owen: Xtreme Racing Center

·      If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, then Branson’s Xtreme Racing Center is for you! These aren’t your average go-karts. They are performance racing karts that go 30 and 40mph. I love how they record your lap times, so you can race against yourself or the competition, and it’s always fun to make a pit stop at the Coldstone Creamery that is on their property!

Curtis: Heavy Metal High Rise

·      I personally love the Heavy Metal High Rise at The Track Family Fun Parks. The track is more than 40 feet high and full of plenty of twists and turns, which makes for a perfect go-kart track. They also have a lot of other fun things to do on property, and it’s really cool to race at night!

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