The Quest for a Good Burger

Being on the hunt for a good burger joint just seems to be part of what it means to be American, but a good burger can be hard to find! That’s why we tried out some of Branson’s best for you so that you can cut right to the chase when you are in town. Note: please be aware that reading this will make you hungry!

Barry: Billy Bob’s Dairy land

·      From outward appearance, this little diner just seems to be a part of a gas station on 76, but it is actually one of Branson’s best kept dining secrets! Everything about this place gives you that “way it used to be” feel from the red and white checkered counter top to the hand made burgers to the delicious shakes and malts! It’s a great place to grab lunch in Branson!

Kevin: Wendy’s

·      So I know that this isn’t “local”, but if you are looking for a quick burger at a good price, I like Wendy’s. The dollar menu is pretty killer, or you can get the Triple Stack if you are really hungry! Plus, anyone who has a burger named “The Baconator” gets points in my book!

Lynn: Freddy’s

·      It’s hard to go wrong with a place like Freddy’s. They have good burgers, good fries, and good ice cream! What more are you looking for in a burger place?

Jak: Buffalo Wild Wings

·      Yes, I know that this is a place famous for the wings (hints Buffalo Wild ‘Wings’), but if you are ever looking to mix things up, they have great burgers too! Plus, if you are looking to catch a sporting event, they probably have it on at least one of their giant flat screen TVs.

Owen: Fuddruckers

·      The best thing about Fudds is that you get to make your burger the way you want! You basically just order the meat and cheese and then go pick which toppings you want and put them on yourself, which I like!

Curtis: Burger Shack

·      Burger Shack is like the under-rated younger brother of great burger places in town! (Trust me… I get it.) They may be overlooked, but they have a lot of great things to offer like hand-cut fries, delicious buns, and all you can eat peanuts during your meal!