Top SIX: Breakfast Places in Branson


Top SIX: Breakfast Places in Branson

Rise and Shine

Experts say that it is essential to start the day off right, and Branson has some delicious places to kick-start your morning. Whether you are looking for a stack of pancakes, bacon and eggs, or biscuits and gravy, we have a spot for you! Here are our choices for the top SIX breakfast places in Branson!

Barry: McDonald’s

·      So I know this isn’t exactly original, but it’s hard to pick against a classic! McDonald’s has great breakfast food for the price, and even some healthier options like the oatmeal or fruit 'n yogurt parfait. Also, you can get in and out of there quickly to go enjoy the rest of your day!

Kevin: Billy Gails

·      This place is a hidden gem in Branson. It’s a local place that is only open for breakfast and lunch, and the food is phenomenal. They are always crowded (which is a really good sign), and have really good portions… like the pancakes which are literally bigger than your face! You will leave this place full and glad that you stopped by!

Lynn: Cracker Barrel

·      I always really enjoy my breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It is a fun experience when you first walk into the store, and the food always tastes really good. I also love the homemade biscuits.

Jak: Casa de Luz

·      Casa de Luz is a quaint place located in downtown Branson that I think serves excellent breakfast. As suggested by their name, they serve authentic Mexican food for lunch and dinner, but at breakfast that have great options like biscuits and gravy, hash browns, and Mexican grits. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, this is a good one!

Owen: Bob Evans

·      I like Bob Evans because they have a really good variety of breakfast foods, and everything that they make tastes great. The Sunrise Skillet is a great example of some of the fun dishes that they have there.

Curtis: IHop

·      Two words… strawberry waffles! And it’s hard to know which kind of crepes to order because they have so many varieties, but whatever I do order always ends up tasting great. The French toast is pretty excellent as well!


Top SIX: SIX's Favorite Shows in Branson

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Top SIX: SIX's Favorite Shows in Branson

Show Must Go On

We are blessed to be able to perform in a town where there are many wonderful and talented entertainers. Of course, since we perform at night, we don’t get to see as many other shows as we would like, but some of the shows we have seen have been incredible. These guys are true professionals. Here are some of our favorite shows in town… that don’t include us performing in them ;) 

Barry: The Presley’s Country Jubilee

·      The Presley’s have been a staple of Branson entertainment for many years. Being Branson’s original show on the Strip, I have a lot of respect for those guys, and what they have done for our community. If you enjoy Gospel harmonies and good ol’ country music, then you have to stop by and see the Presleys.

Kevin: Journey Tribute

·      If you who grew up rocking out to Journey, then this is your show! You “Won’t Stop Believin’”, that you are at an actual Journey concert. If 80s is your thing, then journey on down to see their show!

Lynn: The Magic of Rick Thomas

·      If the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”, then shame on me because I am always impressed with what Rick Thomas is able to do! He is a true professional, and there is no other way to describe what he does other than “magical”.

Jak: The Haygoods

·      The Haygoods are always full of energy and really know how to rock a stage. They definitely bring an excitement to Branson that you can really feel in from the stage! Speaking of things that you can feel from the stage… try the heat from their pyrotechnics display! This is a great show if you are looking for a good time.

Owen: Jonah- Sight and Sound

·      The team over at Sight and Sound always does an incredible job of bringing the Bible to life with their dramatic portrayals of Biblical stories. Jonah has been fantastic for the past 2 years, and I am really looking forward to Moses next year. The live animals and great effects make this a really fun show for everyone!

Curtis: Clay Cooper’s Country Express

·      Clay is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and I really enjoy his show.  He has a very talented family, with both his wife and his 2 sons performing with him. I also really enjoy the comedy from comedian, Matt Gumm. If you enjoy country music, you’ll love this show!

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Top SIX: Mexican Places in Branson


Top SIX: Mexican Places in Branson

They Put the "Feast" in Fiesta

We’re not sure exactly why, but sometimes you just can’t help but crave Mexican Food. Whether it’s the chips and salsa, the smell of fajitas, or some irresistible queso or guacamole, if you are craving Mexican food in Branson, here are some of our favorite places to go!

Barry: Cantina Laredo

·      Cantina Laredo has it all… great food, great service, and a great atmosphere right by the fire and water and show at the Branson Landing. When it is nice outside, I love sitting out on their patio and enjoying a meal! Their Queso Laredo may be the best queso ever invented, and you also can’t go wrong with the Guacamole that they make fresh at your table.

Kevin: La Iguana

·      If I’m looking for a quick, delicious lunch, I love grabbing a few tacos at La Iguana on the 76 Strip. The Alex Special is 3 tacos and a drink for a great price which works perfect for a quick in and out lunch stop!

Lynn: Arandas Tacos

·      If you are a lover of salsa, then Aranos is a great place to go. They have a salsa bar which lets you try several different kinds before choosing which one you want on your tacos. Or, if you are like me, pick several favorites and eat a different kind of salsa with each taco.

Jak: Tequilas 2

·      If you are wanting a great all-around Mexican Food restaurant, you can’t go wrong with Tequilas 2. I don’t know where the “2” comes from except for the fact that I want to eat there 2 times a day! Get the "Special de la Casa" and thank me later!

Owen: Little Hacienda

·      Little Hacienda, or “La Ha” as a lot of people in town call it, is a great place to eat good Mexican Food in Branson. The original location is in Branson by the IMAX, but they also have a second location in downtown Hollister. Both serve excellent quesadillas.

Curtis: Casa Fuentes

·      Some people say that you can judge a Mexican restaurant by the quality of their salsa, and I think Casa Fuentes has the best salsa in Branson.  The inside is pretty small, but that makes for a nice, quaint dining experience. It’s also right in the middle of town, so it isn’t far from most anywhere in town.


Top SIX: Steak Dinners in Branson


Top SIX: Steak Dinners in Branson

Being a vegetarian is a huge “missed-steak”

It’s a nice treat to go out for dinner, but if you are going out for a “steak dinner” that takes things to a whole new level. There can be a lot of pressure to pick the right steakhouse, and with all of the great restaurant choices in Branson, we thought we would share some of our favorites, and hopefully help you narrow it down! 

Barry: Texas Land and Cattle

·      If you are still hungry after diving into the fresh sourdough bread loafs they bring out at the beginning of your meal, TXLC has some of the best steaks in the area! I mean, you can’t beat a delicious steak while enjoying Branson Landing’s fire and water display on their outdoor patio! From good food, to good portions, to a great environment, this place has it all!

Kevin: Outback Roadhouse Steak and Oyster Bar

·      No, I didn’t just misspell Outback Steakhouse! Outback Roadhouse is an original restaurant right here on the strip in Branson that has my favorite steak in the area, and some of the best authentic Australian cuisine around! Try it once and you’ll be asking them to “throw another steak on the barbie”.

Lynn: Black Oak Grill

·      So Black Oak Grill is a newer restaurant to the Branson scene, but it’s in a great location right on the Branson Landing, and the atmosphere is upscale, but not too formal. All of their dishes are really good, especially the steak, which goes really nicely with their house Caesar Salad!

Jak: Level 2

·      Level 2 is one of the most elegant places to eat in Branson. They are located inside the Hilton Branson Convention Center right downtown, and feature several award winning dishes including a phenomenal steak! If you have promised to take your woman out for a “nice steak dinner”, it better be at Level 2!

Owen: Montana Mike’s

·      If Montana is called “Big Sky Country”, then Montana Mikes must be “Big Steak Country”. They really know how to cook them right! I recommend the Applewood Bacon Sirloin or the T-Bone with ancho pepper seasoning, but really any of their steaks are good!

Curtis: Lonestar Steakhouse

·      If you are going to go out for a steak, you might as well go to a place that has “Steakhouse” in the name. Lonestar Steakhouse has whatever kind of steak you are in the mood for, and they are all good! Whether you prefer a New York Strip or a Texas Ribeye, you can find them all at Lonestar!



Top SIX: Attractions in Branson

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Top SIX: Attractions in Branson

417 Family Fun

Of course, Branson has phenomenal shows, but there are plenty of other fun things to do on your trip to the Ozarks. Here are our choices for the Top SIX attractions in Branson. Warning: Get ready to have a blast!

Barry: Dogwood Canyon

·      If you haven’t been out to Dogwood Canyon, then you absolutely have to go. It is so beautiful, especially in the fall, and whether you are walking, or riding your bike, it is perfect for getting a little exercise! Pack yourself a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors.

Kevin: Adventure Ziplines of Branson

·      If you are feeling a little adventurous, then Adventure Ziplines of Branson is the place for you! I love soaring through the air above Branson at nearly 50mph! They have 7 different ziplines, awesome ATV rides, and you can even hang upside down at the end if you want. You just can’t beat it!

Lynn: Silver Dollar City

·      One of my favorite places in town is Silver Dollar City. From the food, to the rides, to the entertainment, it is just a fun experience from start to finish, and no one can beat their beautiful light display at Christmas time. Make sure you take your family there when you come to Branson.

Jak: Table Rock Lake

·      I love being out on the water, so Table Rock Lake takes the prize for me! It is always so peaceful out there, and the lake is beautiful. If you can take a boat or a jet ski or a kayak out for a few hours, it will be well worth it!

Owen: Xtreme Racing Center

·      If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, then Branson’s Xtreme Racing Center is for you! These aren’t your average go-karts. They are performance racing karts that go 30 and 40mph. I love how they record your lap times, so you can race against yourself or the competition, and it’s always fun to make a pit stop at the Coldstone Creamery that is on their property!

Curtis: Heavy Metal High Rise

·      I personally love the Heavy Metal High Rise at The Track Family Fun Parks. The track is more than 40 feet high and full of plenty of twists and turns, which makes for a perfect go-kart track. They also have a lot of other fun things to do on property, and it’s really cool to race at night!

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Top SIX: Burger Joints in Branson


Top SIX: Burger Joints in Branson

The Quest for a Good Burger

Being on the hunt for a good burger joint just seems to be part of what it means to be American, but a good burger can be hard to find! That’s why we tried out some of Branson’s best for you so that you can cut right to the chase when you are in town. Note: please be aware that reading this will make you hungry!

Barry: Billy Bob’s Dairy land

·      From outward appearance, this little diner just seems to be a part of a gas station on 76, but it is actually one of Branson’s best kept dining secrets! Everything about this place gives you that “way it used to be” feel from the red and white checkered counter top to the hand made burgers to the delicious shakes and malts! It’s a great place to grab lunch in Branson!

Kevin: Wendy’s

·      So I know that this isn’t “local”, but if you are looking for a quick burger at a good price, I like Wendy’s. The dollar menu is pretty killer, or you can get the Triple Stack if you are really hungry! Plus, anyone who has a burger named “The Baconator” gets points in my book!

Lynn: Freddy’s

·      It’s hard to go wrong with a place like Freddy’s. They have good burgers, good fries, and good ice cream! What more are you looking for in a burger place?

Jak: Buffalo Wild Wings

·      Yes, I know that this is a place famous for the wings (hints Buffalo Wild ‘Wings’), but if you are ever looking to mix things up, they have great burgers too! Plus, if you are looking to catch a sporting event, they probably have it on at least one of their giant flat screen TVs.

Owen: Fuddruckers

·      The best thing about Fudds is that you get to make your burger the way you want! You basically just order the meat and cheese and then go pick which toppings you want and put them on yourself, which I like!

Curtis: Burger Shack

·      Burger Shack is like the under-rated younger brother of great burger places in town! (Trust me… I get it.) They may be overlooked, but they have a lot of great things to offer like hand-cut fries, delicious buns, and all you can eat peanuts during your meal!